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[iStandard] 2018 DC Producer Showcase

By : pheem 0 Comments

So this night marked the beginning of me chasing my goal to make a living at creating music full time. Well the REAL beginning was when i when i made the decision last year. I kept replaying the “follow your dreams” speech I was going to give my unborn daughter and finally realized – “Why would she ever take my advice seriously if I’m not following my dreams though?”. My inner self had a point.

I had been making beats off an on for the better part of the last decade but if you had asked me back then how i classified myself it definitely would have been as a hobbyist.  But i had 10,000 hours invested in this. no matter how many years went by, I had the same love, the same passion for searching for that undeniable sample, chopping the f#ck outta it and making a beat that no one else in the world could make. So now that I have transitioned from beat hobbyist to aspiring beat maker/producer, What do I do? My man Vers did a couple producer showcases with [istandard] back in the day. Let me check them out and see what they got going on.

Eighteenth St Lounge on March 10th? deadlines already past? *sucks teeth* might as well submit anyway, what I got to lose? a couple days go by and i get the email letting me know I was accepted. fast forward to the event and I get to see friends I havent seen in years and Buda from Buda & Grandz are telling me they “love the nostalgic vibe they’re getting and they can hear Joey Badass over my beats.


At the end of the night Ciz announced that i placed 3rd and was given the opportunity to attend the “Beast of the Beats” competition at the end of the year (A producer battle for the top 3 finalists from every [istandard] showcase around the country). Every journey begins with the first step … this is mine.

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